Internet Radio

Listen to radio on your computer, smartphone, internet radio or other device. There are thousands of radio stations across the world streaming on the internet.  More

Better Computer Software

You can pay for well-known and expensive software that often limits your choices. Or you can change to better and free software.    More

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A Better Map

You can find this map on the internet or on an app on your phone. It is open-source and strives to make better maps accessible to everyone around the world.    More

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Best Camera

The best camera is the one you have with you when you need it. Big cameras produce the best quality photographs - but who lugs heavy cameras around all day? A camera that can fit in your pocket but still takes great pics is often the best choice.    More

If You Are Interested ......

image of robots at hospita

Welcome to the hospital and how can I assist you today?

When patients arrive at the Anhui Provincial Hospital in eastern China, they are greeted by a humanoid robot.

gate at Cameron Corner

Wild Dog Bureaucracy

This very long fence was originally constructed to keep the rabbits out but it didn't work. But it has sustained a bureacracy.

image of man using satellite phone

The Good and the Not-So-Good in Satellite Phones

"I need to be able to call for help if I am in an isolated area. I needed one that worked every time I turned it on."

Misspelled Signs

We're not all perfect, especially our spelling. Many of us rely on spell-check on our computers. But you'd think that one would check before erecting a public sign.

image of the pier at Tumby Bay, South Australia

Tumby Bay, South Australia

Tumby Bay is a coastal town situated on the Spencer Gulf, on the eastern coast of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, 45 kilometres north of Port Lincoln.

image of sign 
                                                for Murrumbidgee River at Long Plain Road

Murrumbidgee River

Flowing from the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales to the Murray River, the Murrumbidgee is the second longest river in Australia.

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Family History

WikiTree offers a free website for publishing family history. And anyone can search for information on WikiTree - for free.


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