So So Close to Queensland!

So So Close to Queensland

This photograph was taken from Brenda Road near Goodooga in New South Wales. There used to be a gate on the border and the area was known as "Brenda Gate" but the gate is long been replaced by the more modern technology of a cattle grid.

Unfortunately this vehicle didn't get to cross the border. Select the following link for an enlargement of the picture. See this link for a map of the location.



Two flat tyres but only one spare on board. Click on image for enlargement..


Signs at the State Border
Click on image for enlargement.


If you're stuck waiting for hours for help to arrive, you just enjoy the scenery, even as evening approaches. The tree is in New South Wales but the background is in Queensland. The fence couldn't keep New South Welshmen from crossing the border but two flat tyres can. Click on image for enlargement.


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